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Azmara Asefa is the founder and designer of AZMARA ASEFA- surprise! She practiced architecture in London, Ohio, Atlanta, and Los Angeles for years (the exact amount would tell her age) before making the transition into the fashion arena. Architecture influenced her love of 3D Printing, laser cutting, clean lines, minimal silhouettes, and interesting textures. As the daughter of an Ethiopian refugee, Azmara is inspired by world cultures, resilient people, and the generosity of the human spirit. She resides in Los Angeles where her collection is also produced. Most notably, her architectural footprint can be seen at The Broad Contemporary Art Museum - specifically check out the gift shop!



AZMARA ASEFA is a womenswear and accessories line that is inspired by women who bravely take on the world. We equip her with the clothing as armor so she can confront any challenges that come her way. Clothing as armor? Yes. We believe that when you are donned in bold architectural lines, laser-cut geometries, and intensely detailed 3D-printed accessories, you feel strong, bold, and confident enough to make it through anything! As a part of our philosophy, we believe in sustainable business practices. That is why we work with US factories and fair trade factories. As a bonus, we have partnered with the Women's Refugee Commission, and 10% of sales goes directly to them!

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Contact: info {at} azmaraasefainc {dot} com