Empire: Get Cookie's 'Grown and Sexy' Look

That's grown and sexy. That's Cookie. Here's how you can get a similar look for yourself! 

1. Mix animal prints! 

2. Take your garments to a tailor. Have her to take them in until you can't breathe anymore. (Modern day corset)

3. Buy a few basic pairs of stilettos: booties, sandal booties, pumps, sandals. Bonus if they are red bottoms! *DOUBLE BONUS POINTS to whomever can find the scene that features these shoes!

4. Purchase hats (or borrow them from your grandmother!!!!) Any Hat will do. The bigger, the better!

5. Hair- flawless and lots of it! 

6. Purchase some costume jewelry from your favorite vintage shop. 

7. Practice THE strut!

8. Glare at everyone!

9. Fur- Get it. Buy it. Wear it.

10. Be a BOSS!

Find her looks on Cookie's Closet!

I can't confirm if those shoes were in the show as there is NOT ENOUGH SHOE CAM! More shoe cam please! 

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