How a Dude Judges Fashion Week

Fashion week just wrapped up so my dude-cousin, Naty, and I are going to judge some lines from the most abstract shows in Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week to see if men and women can actually agree on women's fashion.

The blogger of Manrepeller has her take on it. Basically, her theory is that women's high fashion in all it's bizarre and artful beauty actually repels men. I'm testing her theory with this highly scientific judging between two people who represent ALL men and ALL women. Here are the results.

The judging break down is as follows:

  • Overall Concept
  • Innovation
  • Set Design
  • Percentage of Models Who Don't Look a Hotness in the Clothes
  • Percentage of Looks You Would Buy for a Woman/I'd Wear
  • Styling
  • Music
  • Percentage of Audience Members Who Look Like They Might be Enjoying Themselves

*We sort of used this system to judge the shows, but then we didn't.

Giambattista Valli

Dude-cousin: These are more art pieces than clothing. It's not as outlandish as I thought...kinda retro. I could see some people wearing some of this pieces.

Me: Already seen it before, but pretty


Christian Dior

Dude-cousin: The ponytail extend is cool. Overkill on the plastic shiny clothes, especially that poncho...I don't know...

Me: This is the best line! LOVE EVERYTHING

Atelier Versace

Dude-cousin: Versace, Versace Versace Versace! I can see people wearing this in public. It might be because I know the brand name, but these clothes look cool.

Me: Not inspiring, but I would wear the heck out of all of those jumpsuits!


Dude-Cousin: One of the chicks looks like a burnt bonsai tree. I'll let you guess which look that is.

Me: Horrible. Mis-approriation of culture. Alternates between "hmm..that's nice" to "Yikes!"

Yiqung Yin

Dude-cousin: These clothes look hard to put on.

Me: Hit or miss, but the hits are pretty fantastic. That hair hair wrap tho lol!

Alexis Mabille

Dude-cousin: These clothes look really crazy. Where would anyone ever where this if they weren't a model?

Me: Too busy looking at the Snuffleupagus weave, but I noticed one coat I'd rock. 

Stephane Rolland

Dude-cousin: I could see these in a magazine, but some of these dresses are way too big.

Me: 80% Yikes. The metallics are weirdly executed.

Dice Kayek

Dude-cousin: This is the best one. Is could be in a store.

Me: Really nice silhouettes. This is my second favorite line. 


Dude-cousin: Everything looks like it came out of the Hunger Games or some version of dark Lolita stuff in anime. But- if a girl were wearing any of this on the street, I'd think she was a badass because she doesn't care what other people think. That's pretty cool. 



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