Coachella Fashion: The 10 Looks & How to Get Them

 Look 1: Strung-Out Gaia

Gaia, Mother Earth, is a strong omnipresent force. To dress like her, you must have the posture of a ballerina, unfettered hair, nature or animal print, thick messy brows, and some flowy clothes...oh and FLOWERS. But- you're at a festival so dress like Gaia is having a full blown natural disaster!

How to Get It: Etsy has all the flower head bands!

2. Look 2: Manic Pixie Baby Woman

Dress like a baby doll with neon hair because no one ever wants to grow up, and you shouldn't.  This look says, "My life is a mess, but in a cute way." 

How to Get It: Vintage Websites like Modcloth and RareFlare have the perfect skirts for this look!

Look 3: Candy Raver

People need to know that you're about that life. This look is 1 part neon, 1 part no clothes, and 1 part looking like you do all the drugs. 

How to Get It: Designer Neon Nancy!

Look 4: Cult Leader

The minimalist or normcore stoic looks slightly religious in a "drink the koolaide because the world is ending" kind of way. Dead eyes are a must, but hide them with sunnies!

How to Get It: Thrift Store Shopping. No showers.

Look 5: Nudist Colony Secretary

This look hangs out with the candy raver. It's the candy raver's BFF who "had a really long day, guys!"

How to Get It: Swimwear Brand Minimale Animale

Look 6: Only God Can Judge Me

This look is essentially a hot mess. Is this person homeless? Are they covered in their own vomit? Is it someone else's vomit? Don't ask. Only God can judge them.  

How to Get It: No Instruction Necessary

Look 7: Bohemian Exotic

Wear lots of ethnic prints and silhouettes. Pairs nicely with a tan. This look is friends with Strungout Gaia and probably one of the most popular looks at Coachella.

How to Get it: Tess Christine Tutorial

Look 8: "Mommy, NO!" 

This look is usually seen on an older person who might have attended a festival with their grown children.  

How to Get It: No Instruction Necessary

Look 9: Apocalypse Survivor

My favorite look! Minimal. Visionary. Futurustic yet primitive. This look is friends with the cult leader but much cooler. Ok, so this is rarely seen at Coachella and it's MISSED OPPORTUNITY! Here are some inspirational editorial images.

How to Get It: Designers Sruli Recht and Issey Miyake

Look 10: I Woke Up Like This

This look is best described as messy normcore. It should look effortless and involve some boring plaid. This look is the follower of the cult leader.

How to Get It: HM Coachella Collection





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