Phoenix Fashion Week 2015: Introduction

In awesome news, I'm 1 of the 13 emerging designers competing for the Designer of the Year award at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015! If you know my work, then you know it's fitting of all those empowered Strange Birds out there. If you don't know my work, then welcome! You've probably landed here from some exotic world adventure and perched your Strange Bird talons on my page. 

CMH Fashion Week, image by @kdbeckett

I'll be documenting my process, and here's why! Creating a fashion line is a lot of work with lots of moving parts. For myself, this documentation will help me keep it all straight. For all you aspiring designers, it will be a great resource of things to consider, to do, not to do. For all you interested the AZMARA ASEFA brand, this will give you access behind the curtain (which is laser cut, made from some discarded scrap, has an odd texture, and filters daylight splendidly!). And, my design process is pretty unique. I bring a lot of architecture technology and materials into the game, which lends itself to some spectacular results. Most importantly, it will be fun!

SPOILER ALERT: There will be no spoilers! You'll have to wait to see my collection at Phoenix Fashion Week this October! There will be teasers, sneaky sneak peaks, inspiration, accessories giveaways, mischievous adventures, meet and greets, space and time travel, and design.

Just no spoilers!


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