Kym Gold Challenge: Major Announcement

What does that mean? It means EVERYTHING!

Here’s the back story:

I am one of the 13 designers participating in the Emerging Designer Bootcamp for Phoenix Fashion Week. You’ve probably seen me post a lot of stuff related to it, right? 


Kym Gold, the co-founder of True Religion jeans (and many other successful fashion businesses) is also guest coach for Phoenix Fashion Week this year. She a phenomenal business woman, designer, and philanthropist. Kym has been sharing great advice on running a successful fashion business, and get this, she even invited the LA designers to her insanely-sick home!  

The Challenge 

Kym is going on a book tour for Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire, her book, which will be released September 1. It’s about how she built her business empire from the ground up!  

She gave us 13 designers the challenge of submitting sketches for an outfit that she could wear during the tour or a red carpet. The winning designer would, then, get to work with Kym on making the outfit. 

And- Kym chose my sketch! (you'll see it a little later!)

In short, I feel really grateful for the opportunity to work with such an inspirational woman who bravely takes on the world! Thank you Kym and Phoenix Fashion Week! 

Look for updates on how I design for Kym’s disheveled sexy style!

I'm taking it in and celebrating with family. I'll catch you all soon to tell you about all the other cool new things that are happening!

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