AfroPunk: Strange Bird of the Week

because this Week's Strange Bird Winner is....

AFROPUNK 2015!!!!!!!!!

It's the most stylish (and occasionally hot messiest) festival of our time. Even if there are some fashion misses, I give all involved a huge AZMARA ASEFA "Job well done, mates!" for being unapologetically strange and expressing themselves in ways we didn't even know were humanly possible. 

I literally just shed a thug tear because I love how strange and beautiful this festival is. They're giving me Afro-tribal-futurism, and I CAN'T EVEN right now. I just CAN'T even! Has America finally found it's equivalent of Harajuku street fashion? The answer is YES!

I couldn't attend this year, but see you next year, AFROPUNK!

Here are my favorites: 

5. Maga Moura (She "drinks unicorn tears", guys. That's intense)

via buzzfeed

4. Killer Statement Pieces Chick (skirt and hat)

via Driely S

3. Purple Afro (someone please find her info!)

via The Fader

2. Reign Apiim (She's practically Erykah Badu's afro-buddist/pan religious deity, baby sister.)

via Instagram

1. Grace Jones

via Afropunk

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