These Fashion Companies Prove Being Socially Responsible is Good for Everyone

It's a fantastic question, and actually the title of a blog I really enjoy. The creator, Mary M. Purcell, posts a series of stories, photoseries, and aspirational quotes all focused on issues of social responsibility, one global community, and the common bonds that link us all together! 

Mary is totally speaking my language. 

This discovery inspired further research in socially responsible companies and their best practices.  What I found is that being socially responsible is actually good for business. In helping others, the planet, or the universe, there were organizations that were thriving by helping others thrive.

Specifically in fashion, as we hopefully move away from the fast fashion business model, many companies incorporate socially responsible practices into their ethos.


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Sustainable Fabrics and Manufacturing: Reformation is the cool kid on the ethical fashion scene. They source sustainable fabrics and work with sustainable sewers in LA. And, celebrities LOVE them for it.

IOU Project:

Fair Trade: IOU project is all about fair trade and fair fabric sourcing. They have tracking on all their products so you can trace where your fabrics came from and who worked on creating your garment! 


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Employee Benefits & Charity Partnerships: Even fashion juggernauts can be socially responsible. Many are starting to make small moves in that direction. Zappos is known for its employee benefits and overall good treatment of employees. They also partner with multiple charities throughout the year. 

Ethical Fashion Initiative:

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Fair Trade: The Ethical Fashion Initiative has different groups of artisanal manufacturers in Africa who they partner with luxury brands like Stella McCartney to create fair trade products. 

These examples don't even begin to scratch the surface of all the possibilities. There is no one-size fits all model. You have to find the right combination of giving back that works for you as a person or as a business. 

How is AZMARA ASEFA being socially responsible? 

1. Partnerships with Organizations that Give Back

I am partners with the Women's Refugee Commission. 10% of sales goes to helping women, youth and children displaced by crisis. 

2. Made in the USA

I work with factories in LA to create exceptional pieces for all women and strange birds alike! The goal is to spread to work with fair trade factories overseas as well.

3. Education

I use this blog as an education tool to show young brands my process of starting and running a company. It might not be perfect, but there are many lessons I've learned so far. 

I also hope to educate people about the beauty and rich history of the places I travel, especially Ethiopia. Just look at it!

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