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Vote for me here HERE: www.evine.com/emerging

Want to know what you just voted for? I am competing with 12 other emerging designers for the opportunity to work with EVINE Live! It's a big deal because they run on 88 million cable and satellite television homes 24 hours a day, plus they millions of subscribers online. 

What does that mean?

1. The winning designer will get their line produced by and sold on Evine Live! For an emerging brand this kind of exposure and funding for production is HUGE!

2. The winner will go on TV to promote his or her brand. This is beyond cool. Other people who promote their brands on EVINE Live include Michelle Williams, Nancy O'Dell, and Lisa Vanderpump. Yes, Lisa from Real Housewives! LOL- Love her! 

Michelle Williams on EVINE Live

How Can you Help?

Just vote for me HERE: www.evine.com/emerging

I need your votes to win! You can vote today and tomorrow. You can get your friends to vote by sharing the link. You can do whatever you want as long as you vote and vote often. Please and thank you! Voting ends this Friday at the end of the day. 

About EVINE Live Inc.
EVINE Live Inc. (NASDAQ: EVLV) is a digital commerce company that offers a compelling mix of proprietary and name brands directly to consumers in an engaging and informative shopping experience via television, online and mobile devices.EVINE Live reaches approximately 88 million cable and satellite television homes 24 hours a day; engaging its community of customers in a digital shopping experience that includes live streaming and social platforms.

Quote from David Miller: 

“We are excited about EVINE Live’s partnership with Phoenix Fashion week and their emerging designer Bootcamp,” said David Miller, Vice President of Fashion at EVINE Live. “We are always on the lookout for new products and designers. They are what drive our digital commerce business model and excite our customers. I look forward to introducing our viewers to some of the exciting fashion designs we bring back from Phoenix Fashion Week, reimagined exclusively for EVINE Live and available Spring 2016.” 



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