8 Ways to Make This the Best Black Friday Ever

Enjoy your day however you choose to celebrate!

1. Run through the city!

You might be visiting a new city or hanging in a city that's newish to you. Do you want to spend it on long lines to get good deals? Maybe, or you can run through the city. It's great way to work off the extra calories and see a new (or old) place in a new way. Here's a running trail list, state-by-state: HERE

2. Go for a hike!

There are a bunch of remote hikes you can do. It's the idea of "running through the city," but with a different setting. Here's a list of different hiking trails in the US of A! Here is a list of hiking trails: HERE

3. Get lost in the woods!

Running and hiking too intense for you? You can go to your nearest National Park. CHeck out which ones are open. Wander and get lost! Trust us, it's the best! Here is a list of National State Parks: HERE

4. Play cards with friends and family!

We suggest Cards Against Humanity. There's always a good reason to play, even your grandma will like it. Here's a link to the game: HERE

5. Start on Christmas Decorations!

For the proactive bunch, it's a great day to start on Christmas decorations! You're already hopped up on holiday cheer so use that energy to get the next holiday underway! Here's how Martha Stewart does it: HERE

6. Volunteer

The holidays are a perfect time to give back. Check out your local food bank or doggie shelter. This site pairs you with different volunteer opportunities based on location and interests:  HERE

7. Take a monster nap! 

You might have put in 8 hours of cooking yesterday, and you most certainly went to work putting that turkey away! You deserve a nap! 

8. Go shopping online! 

Everyone know the real deals are online now. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, the odds are in your favor! With the time you save by avoiding lines, you can still have a morning run in the city, play cards with family, take a nap, and still shop online.  Yep- just enough time to gaze up at the stars! 

How are you celebrating Black Friday?


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