Top 5 Brands That Give Back, and You Might Not Know the Names!


Toms and Warby Parker are known for being charitable businesses, but check out these other amazing brands that give back too! They're on my holiday list this year!

1. Stone & Cloth

Coming off of an impressive Kickstarter, Stone a& Cloth is a backpack brand that is locally made and sourced with the individual in mind. Every purchase assures 25 hours of learning in Africa. 

stone and cloth

2. Sevenly

Every week, Sevenly promotes a new cause or charity and designs custom tees to go with the cause. $7 from each purchase goes to that charity. 


3. Lemlem

Am I biased because this company is owned my Ethiopian model, Liya Kebede? Absolutely. But, Lemlem gives back by providing jobs for Ethiopian women who make a lot of the scarves you see on the site.

4. The Vintage Twin

Created by twin sisters, the brand is all about having your own 1-of-a-kind custom pieces. They upcycle vintage finds to make them trendy and 10% of purchases go to different charities.

5. Miki Moko

Call them crazy, but Miki Moko sells eyeglasses and lets you name your price. Half of said price goes to the Nepal Youth Foundation.

Didn't make the list, but you give back too? Shoot us a line, and I'll add you to the quintessential list of favorite brands who give back!

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