Fashion Legend Asks Me to Design Something for Her; This is What Happened

Yep, that title you just read; it totally happened. I won the Kym Gold Challenge, which was just one of the many challenges thrown my way during Phoenix Fashion Week

Who's Kym Gold? Um, she's only the co-founder of True Religion Jeans, entrepreneur, girl boss, and a fashion mogul.

kym gold

The outfit I proposed for Kym was a jumpsuit with a jacket. I thought it would fit into her lifestyle because she's always on the go. The jumpsuit would be a version of the sack trouser seen in the Spring Summer collection. The jacket would be a suede hybrid of two jackets from the same collection. Both pieces would be exclusive for the mogul herself, Kym Gold.



Submit Sketch --> Won Challenge --> First Consultation --> First Fitting --> Final Fitting

Design is an iterative process. You start with an idea. You start to develop it. Things change, improve, or stay the same. What was great about this process was that Kym and her manager Derick were on board! After the first consultation and fitting, I had new ideas on how to make the outfit better. Enter the addition of the laser-cut belt thanks to a suggestion from Derick. 

So, here are some behind the scenes images from the final fitting. Let me know what you think. How amazing does Kym look? Should these items be rolled out with the Spring Summer collection? Just so you know, the belt is definitely in!

kym gold azmara asefa 

Pockets + Drape!

kym gold azmara asefa 

Power Jacket + Belt Detail 

 If you love this jumpsuit, then you'll love this one too!

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