ARAE x AZMARA ASEFA: Artist Collaboration Series 01, Process

azmara asefa the sack dress silk

You know her; you love her. The Sack Dress is getting UPGRADED!

What's new? 

She's working with some of the best designers and artists in America and wearing their prints, paintings, and hand dyes on her new 100% silk shell!

Who's The Sack Dress collaborating with right now?


arae phoenix fashion week

I love, love love ARAE! Here's why. ARAE is a Denver-based brand that beautifully hand-dyes clothing and accessories using the traditional Japanese tie dye technique, shibori. I met the talented designer, Rachael, through PHXFW and instantly fell in love with her work! How amazing will it be to see the futuristic sack Dress transformed by the traditional craft of shibori. It's going to be mind blowing!

Check out how Rachael explains the process of shibori in this video:

To follow the process of this collaboration, sign up HERE 

Don't worry. You'll still be able to style her however you like! Now you get to do it in silk in one-of-a-kind prints!

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