Jenny Beavan & Cate Blanchett: Strange Birds of the Week [Apocalypse Scenario #119]

Apocalypse Scenario #119

Attending an award show that you're way too cool to be attending.

I couldn't decide who the strange bird should be this week. There were two amazing options, and they were both very different strange birds. Both attened the Oscars, but that's where the similarities end.

jenny beavan and cate blanchett oscars

1. First, you have Jenny Beavan who won the Oscar for costume design in Mad Max. She rolls in breaking all the fashion rules and dismissing all trends, which is something I completely applaud. She wore pants and an M&S pleather jacket with a flaming skull on the back. In my mind, her scarf is from Ethiopia so shoutout to the homeland. Who does that? Jenny, because she's a boss!! She's the kind of boss who might like a laser-cut leather jacket too!

 jenny beavan cate blanchett

Check out how appalled the men are! :D This is too incredible!

2. Then you have Cate Blanchett who looked amazing in this blue fake flower dress! It's fearless too, but in a more traditional red carpet kind of way. As an aside: red carpets have a 1950s pageantry to them anyway. Anytime someone shakes it up, I'm ALL for it! Kudos on being strange and fearless, ladies!! 

cate blanchett oscars 2016

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