Women Who Take on the World: Brianna Peterson Magly Balances it All on Her Hands

Women who take on the world. That's who I design for! (Yes, I ended with a preposition because it's Wednesday.) Equipping them with gear to rock any situation makes me beyond ecstatic. 

azmara asefa brianna peterson magly

One such women is Brianna Peterson Magly, a drop-everything-and-go-world-traveler, a free spirit, and a recognized, super fit hand balancer with such technical precision, it was crazy that she wasn't wearing my technical, architectural ensembles already! 

List of Pieces: 

The Sack Jumpsuit

Oh My Ford Crop Top

Director Moto Jacket

Laser-cut Ring

azmara asefa brianna peterson magly

Brianna practices and teaches a straight alignment arm balance method that she learned while apprenticing for international hand balance master, Miguel Sant’ana. She traveled to New Zealand and later Brazil racking up over 1000 apprenticeship hours.

azmara asefa brianna peterson magly

For those of you who know nothing about this art, it's super tough because...well, look at it, and because the precision requires balancing all of the finest details of the body at extreme pressure. 

azmara asefa brianna peterson magley

She's definitely someone I'd put on my apocalypse.ready. roster. 

You can check her out here or reach out for lessons at BriannaHandBalance@gmail.com.

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  • Miguel Sant'ana

    This is so cool. Very proud of you Brianna. Keep up the good work.

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