Met Gala: Manus X Machina, What We Wish They Wore Instead

I was super stoked about the technology + fashion themed Met Gala. The official theme of the night was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” which celebrates a new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that examines how man and machine work together to create clothing. What 3D printed gown would someone wear? What wearable tech accessories would they don? What boundary pushing innovative techniques and materials would they flounce around the red carpet?
Did I tell you how much I love technology?
The Met Gala was light on technology and innovative technique, and heavy on gowns. Some celebs did at least look like robots so that was cool. But guys, the Met Gala is an opportunity to really go for it! 

Celebs who went full theme: Notable mentions

Lupita Nyong'o's hair
lupita nyango hair met gala 2016
Brie Larsen is totally "Manus" in Proenza Schouler
brie larson met gala 2016
Kate Mara in Paco Rabanne (also an architect) is a mix of "Manus x Machina"
kate mara met gala
Lizzie Tisch in Iris Van Herpen's computer algorithm dress is pure "Machina"
Amber Valletta in H&M is "Manus" texture overload!
amber valletta
Claire Danes in Zac Posen's LED dress is a literal interpretation of "Machina"
claire danes
Lisa Maria Falcone in Zaldy Goco's dress made using the computer algorithm program, Grasshopper (my favorite program ever)
lisa maria flacone

What everyone else could have worn instead:

Lucy McRae 3D Printed
lucy McRae 
Iris Van Herpen 3D Printed
iris van herpen
Azmara Asefa Laser-Cut
azmara asefa laser cut
Catherine Wales 3D Printed
LED Dress
led dress
Issey Miyake Pleats Please, material innovation
issey miyake

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