Spotted: People Rocking "Natural" Accessories this Spring!

the week place tiffany m battle azmara asefa ring

No, you're not imagining it. Women are wearing natural accessories this season. From crystals to wood to earthware, it's an understated way to make a huge statement. I'm all about making (well designed) statements! Check out how these two ladies don my favorite laser-cut wooden rings.
The rings are sustainable, sealed with mineral oil (a natural sealer), but the best part is that "They go with everything and are super soft," according to Mannie, owner of multiple of these rings. I think the greatest part is that they're laser-cut, but that has more to do with my obsession with technology.
Share how you wear your rings, and we'll share your style with all our friends! 

Tiffany M Battle over at The Werk Place:

Tiffany wears her rings double stacked for added drama to her color blocked ensemble!

 tiffany m battle azmara asefa

tiffany m battle the week place


Brianna Peterson Magley 

Brianna wears her ring single stacked. She's got a lot of hand balancing to do after all. 

brianna magly azmara asefa

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