Activist of the Month: Linda Sarsour

If you were at the Women's March last year or again this year, you have a very woke group of women to thank for organizing the historic rally. One of whom is Linda Sarsour.
Most popularly known for her work as a co-chair of the Women's March, Linda has lived a life of activism including: 
Arab American Association of New York
After the 9/11 attacks, Sarsour joined the organization as a volunteer to protect Muslim American cilvil rights in light of the backlash. She later became a the director and was recognized by President Barack Obama as a "champion of change". 
Black Lives Matter
Sarsour organized Muslim allies to protest with Black Lives Matter members in multiple cities in the United States. 
Democratic Party 
Sarsour ran for office and spoke on behalf of Bernie Sanders in 2016. 
linda sarsour
2017 Women's March
Sarsour's involvement in organizing the Women's March landed her a spot on Time Magagzine's 100 Most Influential People of 2017 list. 

linda sarsour

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