Halloween Costume Ideas: From an Apocalyptic Launch Party

 azmara asefa moto jacket

Great News! 

If you were in LA and had the chance to attend the super successful Pre-Launch Party this Tuesday, then, I hope you had a blast!  And, we reached 30% of the goal by the end of the First Official Launch Day! Major Thank YOU to all involved! For those who couldn't attend, here's what went down:

1. Try on stations, where guests could try on samples of all the items in the collection. 

2. Live photoshoot/photobooth with apocalypse themed props

3. Giveaways, food, and many dranks!

With Kickstarter, you have to reach your project goal, or you lose it all! What Apocalypse. Ready. collection wouldn't love high stakes?

Here's how you can help (and be rewarded with cool stuff in the meantime!):

1. Share the Kickstarter with family and friends

2. Contribute and collect your reward Today!

Thank you for being a champion of the brand and this collection!



P.S. Check out the Pre-Halloween Apocalypse Photobooth from the Pre-Launch Party, and grab some #inspo. Donald Trump (the 4th horseman of the apocalypse) was a hit! He loves AZMARA ASEFA. He thinks's it's going to be HUUGGE!

azmara asefa donald trump jumpsuit

azmara asefa shapeshifting dress

azmara asefa kickstarter launch party

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