Protest Kit: 10 Things to Bring to Your Next Resistance Rally

Resistance rallies are having a moment right now, and I could not be happier! I want to make sure all of you have a splendid and safe time out there so I complied a list of resistance march essentials to get you though those high-spirited, positive vibes only, women empowering streets. 


1. Sneakers

I've seen people go full costume and even heels, but the old woman in me says wear comfortable athletic shoes. You'll be moving for hours so to thine own self be good. 

2. Lightweight jacket with hood

I don't know where you live, but having a tech-smart, light-weight, waterproof jacket is a must, even if it's hot and sunny. For all my fellow LA people, we know that diurnal swing is no joke. We also get cold in the shade..soo...


3. Crossbody bag or small back pack

womens march back pack
The crowds are soooo deep and while everyone may have good intentions, my mama raised me to trust no one. Make sure your bag is close to you, visible, and has zippers. Also make sure's it's big enough to hold water and other essentials in this list.


4. Water

I mean this is obvious. Any water will do. 


5. Snack Bars

Pick your poison. Just pack 1-2 bar for every hour you think you'll be on the road.


6. Phone

Your whole life is on it, and you gotta document for the gram.

7. Small first aid kit

Remember to keep it small and lightweight. Like this first aid kit.


8. Compass

Phone service is usually a hot mess at marches so have a rendezvous point with your crew if you get split up and go analogue with your navigation.


9. Map

Print out a map of the general area of the march. If the phones jam up, go analogue (see #9).


10. Sunglass

Protect your eyeballs. 

BONUS!!!! Swag!!!

cheeto trump protester march
Though non-essential, swag is the most fun part of the marches!
I'm talking buttons, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, nail art, weave, wigs, makeup, facepaint, body paint, false american flag lashes, capes, sneeker accessories, tattoos, temporary tattoos, you infant, YOU NAME IT!


In solidarity!


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