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Star Wars 3D Printed Jewelry You Didn't Know You Needed!

Geeks rejoice! It’s a Christmas Miracle! 3D-printed Star Wars-inspired jewelry! It’s a thing...that is happening…that you can have for your very own! If you hurry, you can have it in time by Christmas Day.  Imagine this: You roll up to your nearest theater on December 25 wearing a 3D-printed, bronze-plated, Mandalorian medallion with your 3D-printed, nylon Jedi ring. The guy next to you is like, “Whoa, is that the Jedi Order symbol on your finger? You’re a boss!” The End. So you might have a lot of questions. I answered them below: Is 3D-printing cool? Yes, some might say it’s dope AF. It’s been in the news a lot lately, especially in fashion! Fall in love with 3D-printing with this...

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