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Protest Kit: 10 Things to Bring to Your Next Resistance Rally

Resistance rallies are having a moment right now, and I could not be happier! I want to make sure all of you have a splendid and safe time out there so I complied a list of resistance march essentials to get you though those high-spirited, positive vibes only, women empowering streets.    1. Sneakers I've seen people go full costume and even heels, but the old woman in me says wear comfortable athletic shoes. You'll be moving for hours so to thine own self be good.  2. Lightweight jacket with hood I don't know where you live, but having a tech-smart, light-weight, waterproof jacket is a must, even if it's hot and sunny. For all my fellow LA people, we know that diurnal...

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AZMARA ASEFA: Apocalpse-Ready

APOCALYPSE-READY. Laser cut cape, as a headdress What does it mean? Great question! We all suffer our own little apocalypses. It's that moment when something stable in our lives crashes and burns so traumatically that we lose all sense of identity and place. But, I know you Strange Birds are strong survivors who rise like a phoenix from the ashes and rebuild a new life. AZMARA ASEFA equips you with clothing as armor so you can take on any day and all its challenges.  Inspirational image For whom am I fighting? Yes, I love the Strange Birds- that trendsetter who proudly marches to the beat of a percussion instrument of her choice. You inspire the clothing, the attitude, and the essence of AZMARA...

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