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Tiffany Battle: Fashion Blogger & Chemical Engineer Wears Azmara Asefa

[Apocalypse Scenario #332: Juggling the world of engineering with fashion] There are a slew of fashion bloggers out there, but I only have a few favorites. Ok, I have exactly 8 favorites, but that's for another post.They're usually the ones who are a "blogger + something awesome" combo. So, when Tiffany Battle rocked my laser-cut crop top and styled it in her eclectic mix of a pattern and textured ensemble, I was more than pleased. Here's why: 1. I love Tiffany's fresh spin on mixing high-end and low-end items of different hues, patterns and textures on her blog The Werk Place. 2. I also love the fact that she's a chemical engineer! It's no wonder that she brings that mixology knowledge to her styling....

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8 Ways to Make This the Best Black Friday Ever

Whether you decided to get up early for Black Friday Deals or sleep on a full stomach, there is still a good rest of the day left! We believe in taking on the world every single day so we've come up with some non-shopping related activities to do today. We also don't like following the crowd (or being in one) so all these activities are pretty much off-the-beaten-path. We've even included some fun indoor ideas for those who like that kind of thing. Enjoy your day however you choose to celebrate! 1. Run through the city! You might be visiting a new city or hanging in a city that's newish to you. Do you want to spend it on long lines...

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