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Launch Big!

Phoenix Fashion Week is no joke! It's a bootcamp- for fashion. Not only is it a bootcamp, it's a competition! Not only is it a competition, it's a whole life revamp! Photocred: Dan Tabar AND- it's kicking my butt so I can create the BEST collection for you! Photocred: Phoenix Fashion Week The Launch Party this month at Livewire in Phoenix was phenominal. Talk about introducing your brand and building your network. It was a sold out show! Over the launch weekend, the 12 other designers and I got a crash course in interviews, press conferences, introducing yourself to just about anyone and pitching your line, being camera ready, branding, eating really quickly, using social media (it's more complicated than it seems), talking to buyers, and being friends...

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Phoenix Fashion Week 2015: Introduction

In awesome news, I'm 1 of the 13 emerging designers competing for the Designer of the Year award at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015! If you know my work, then you know it's fitting of all those empowered Strange Birds out there. If you don't know my work, then welcome! You've probably landed here from some exotic world adventure and perched your Strange Bird talons on my page.  CMH Fashion Week, image by @kdbeckett I'll be documenting my process, and here's why! Creating a fashion line is a lot of work with lots of moving parts. For myself, this documentation will help me keep it all straight. For all you aspiring designers, it will be a great resource of things to consider, to do, not to do. For all...

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Creating a Runway Show on Behalf of Your Prestigious Firm [Apocalypse Scenario #205]

  Haunt Couture is IIDA LA's annual fashion show. Teams from different architecture and interior firms work with textile and product vendors to create fantastical garments using innovative products and techniques.  This year, Team Gensler (Kim Bell, Peggy Lee, Diana Nelson, Jia You and I) created a laser cut, 3d-printed, show stopper using fabric and products from Bernhardt Textiles and Studio by 3-form. Our rose and thorn theme? Sleeping Beauty!   Romper, Origami Skirt, Laser-cut Hoop skirt "Maleficent's Curse" Laser-cut, faux leather, Dragon Lady Scaled Cape 3D Printed "Sleeping Mask" Glasses (Jia You) 3D Printed and Laser Cut "Thorn" Crown (Jia You)    

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