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World's Most Eccentric Fashion Icon Lives in the Big Lebowski House [Apocalypse Scenario #012]

(L) James Goldstein, (R) The Sheats Goldstein Residence You probably don't know his name, but you've seen him front row at Fashion Week's most prestigious shows and court side at every major basketball game. His name is James Goldstein, and he is the world's most eccentric fashion icon. He also happens to live in the world's most eccentrically baller house. If you think he style is over the top, wait until you see his insane pad! James is a vision! in cream alligator standing court side. James sits at the intersection of architecture and fashion, living in a couture house designed by John Lautner and rocking couture duds designed by John Galliano. Slideshow images from Tamthien Tran The Beverly Hills 1960s concrete, wood, and glass triangulated home skillfully displays James'...

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