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Coachella Fashion: The 10 Looks & How to Get Them

Festival season is here! Get out your hybrid 1990s grunge/1970s hippie ensembles and stunt like your daddy! Here are the 10 looks of Coachella and how to get them. Everyone knows you need to be seen on at least 1 street style blog to be relevant.   Look 1: Strung-Out Gaia Gaia, Mother Earth, is a strong omnipresent force. To dress like her, you must have the posture of a ballerina, unfettered hair, nature or animal print, thick messy brows, and some flowy clothes...oh and FLOWERS. But- you're at a festival so dress like Gaia is having a full blown natural disaster! How to Get It: Etsy has all the flower head bands! 2. Look 2: Manic Pixie Baby Woman Dress like a...

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Solange Knowles: Strange Bird of the Week

Imagine this. Your mom is 70s glamazon, Tina Beyince Knowles. Your sister is glamazon goddess eternal, Beyonce Knowles Carter.  And let's not forget, your niece is baby afro glamazon, Blue Ivy Carter. At this point, you can only succeed at being one thing- a strange bird.  For that reason and because of her recent glamping trip, Solange Knowles is this week's strange bird.  Earlier this month, Solange spent a weekend strange-glamping in Joshua Tree, CA with her Saint Records posse. Solange took to Instagram to debut pictures of her fashionable weekend getaway. The result is a lot of fur, a lot of swimwear, a lot of hats, a lot of wigs, a lot of boots, and a lot of voguing!  I'm expecting some Coachella knockoffs! Name your strange bird requests in the comments below!...

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