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Golden Globes: How NOT to Wear a Prom Dress on the Red Carpet [Apocalypse Scenario #116]

SPOILER ALERT: This is NOT a BEST and WORST list. I am bored of award show red carpets, and I bet you are too. The same silhouettes, the same poses, the same best and worst lists year after year- it gets tiring. In all this monotony of what should be a really exciting night, I had an epiphany. Some celebrities are wearing prom dresses on the red carpet, and that's why I've gotten so bored. I've seen these looks before...at PROM!  I have pulled a few examples of celebrities wearing prom dresses and a few examples of celebrities NOT wearing prom dresses to illustrate my discovery. I guess it's not that big of deal, but if you're a celebrated individual in front of millions of fans on what...

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