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Coachella Fashion: The 10 Looks & How to Get Them

Festival season is here! Get out your hybrid 1990s grunge/1970s hippie ensembles and stunt like your daddy! Here are the 10 looks of Coachella and how to get them. Everyone knows you need to be seen on at least 1 street style blog to be relevant.   Look 1: Strung-Out Gaia Gaia, Mother Earth, is a strong omnipresent force. To dress like her, you must have the posture of a ballerina, unfettered hair, nature or animal print, thick messy brows, and some flowy clothes...oh and FLOWERS. But- you're at a festival so dress like Gaia is having a full blown natural disaster! How to Get It: Etsy has all the flower head bands! 2. Look 2: Manic Pixie Baby Woman Dress like a...

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