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The Shapeshifting Dress Does Vogue's 73 Questions

Have you ever watched the Vogue 73 Questions interviews? A mysterious camera and interviewer follows around celerities and asks them 73 random rapid fire questions, and it is very satisfactorily entertaining. I've always wanted to shoot my own version with real life women. So with the success of the Shapeshifting Dress on the launch of this new collection (thank you to all the backers!), I created a 73 Questions video showcasing my very lovely friend Tahira, who is rocking...you guessed it..the Shapeshifting Dress!   You can grab you very own at 50% off (this discount is almost out!) here Don't remember this dress from the collection? It's this one.

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Press Release: Phoenix Fashion Week

For Immediate Press Release For More Information, Contact: Azmara Asefa AZMARA ASEFA az@azmaraasefainc.com 614-886-9049   AZMARA ASEFA BRINGS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND TECHNOLOGY TO THE RUNWAY Los Angeles architect and designer to launch at national fashion week in Phoenix, AZ Los Angeles, CA. (September 14, 2015)- Phoenix Fashion Week is hosting its 6th annual “Emerging Designer Program” this fall after a 10-city tour in search of the nation's best new talent. Among the 13 design brands chosen, AZMARA ASEFA will be competing for this year’s title of “Designer of the Year.” The program is a 4-month bootcamp that coaches designers on the skills needed to build a successful fashion brand. "The Phoenix Fashion Week BootCamp was created for emerging brands like...

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These Fashion Companies Prove Being Socially Responsible is Good for Everyone

Why Be Socially Responsible? It's a fantastic question, and actually the title of a blog I really enjoy. The creator, Mary M. Purcell, posts a series of stories, photoseries, and aspirational quotes all focused on issues of social responsibility, one global community, and the common bonds that link us all together!  Mary is totally speaking my language.  This discovery inspired further research in socially responsible companies and their best practices.  What I found is that being socially responsible is actually good for business. In helping others, the planet, or the universe, there were organizations that were thriving by helping others thrive. Specifically in fashion, as we hopefully move away from the fast fashion business model, many companies incorporate socially responsible practices into...

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