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The Shapeshifting Dress Does Vogue's 73 Questions

Have you ever watched the Vogue 73 Questions interviews? A mysterious camera and interviewer follows around celerities and asks them 73 random rapid fire questions, and it is very satisfactorily entertaining. I've always wanted to shoot my own version with real life women. So with the success of the Shapeshifting Dress on the launch of this new collection (thank you to all the backers!), I created a 73 Questions video showcasing my very lovely friend Tahira, who is rocking...you guessed it..the Shapeshifting Dress!   You can grab you very own at 50% off (this discount is almost out!) here Don't remember this dress from the collection? It's this one.

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One Take Away from the Debates: Kickstarter Update

Yesterday, we surpassed the 50% mark, with The Shapeshifting Dress as the clear star! Thank you for the contributions, and the sharing that got us to 50% in 1 week. If (*when*) the goal is reached, that means a lot of people will be going home with the coolest 3d printed accessories, shapeshifting dresses, and shapeshifting jumpsuits to shield them from any *apocalypse. With so much to be grateful for, I have to pause and think about those who may never see the same opportunities as you or me. While I do have some less than stellar news, don’t worry, I have an idea and I have hope! Ethiopia is under a state of emergency. As many of you know,...

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