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Which Kind of Fashion Minimalist Are You? Or, are You Really Just Beyonce?

It's simple to determine. Are you Solange (uber-minimalist)or are you Beyonce (uber-maximist). Are you so over the "more is more" mentality in the fashion industry? You might actually be a fashion minimalist. Dare I say, a fashion purist? There are 2 main ways you could be a fashion minimalist. 1. Practical: You have a lean wardrobe. Rather than having 200 items in your closet of which you only wear 30, you might have 50 items in your closet. Those 50 items are all high quality. In other words, quality over quantity wins here. This is totally contrary to fashion consumerism today, but I tend to sip the minimalist Kool-Aid. Do you? In today's lingo, it appears in the difference between slow fashion...

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