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Rep. Joyce Beatty: How to Dress Like a Plagiarism-Trolling BOSS During the Most Ridiculous Election Ever [Apocalypse Scenario #1172]

Now, most of us will never know the pressure of speaking at the Democratic National Convention. It's a high stakes apocalyptic scenario, if I've ever seen one.  It can make, break, or sustain your career. Or- better yet, you can go viral!  In the most meta / ironic / troll level status of 50,000 move of this election, Representative Joyce Beatty rocked up to the DNC in the same dress that plagiarist, Melania Trump, wore to the RNC last week. Bold move, Joyce! Bold. Hilarious. Shade-throwing. Move! Her boldness is exactly why I am obligated and privileged to honor Rep. Joyce Beatty of my home state of OH-IO! Not only is she a woman who bravely takes on the world, but she does so...

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