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Phoenix Fashion Week 2015: Introduction

In awesome news, I'm 1 of the 13 emerging designers competing for the Designer of the Year award at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015! If you know my work, then you know it's fitting of all those empowered Strange Birds out there. If you don't know my work, then welcome! You've probably landed here from some exotic world adventure and perched your Strange Bird talons on my page.  CMH Fashion Week, image by @kdbeckett I'll be documenting my process, and here's why! Creating a fashion line is a lot of work with lots of moving parts. For myself, this documentation will help me keep it all straight. For all you aspiring designers, it will be a great resource of things to consider, to do, not to do. For all...

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How a Dude Judges Fashion Week

Fashion week just wrapped up so my dude-cousin, Naty, and I are going to judge some lines from the most abstract shows in Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week to see if men and women can actually agree on women's fashion. The blogger of Manrepeller has her take on it. Basically, her theory is that women's high fashion in all it's bizarre and artful beauty actually repels men. I'm testing her theory with this highly scientific judging between two people who represent ALL men and ALL women. Here are the results. The judging break down is as follows: Overall Concept Innovation Set Design Percentage of Models Who Don't Look a Hotness in the Clothes Percentage of Looks You Would Buy for a Woman/I'd Wear Styling Music Percentage of...

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