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Top 5 Brands That Give Back, and You Might Not Know the Names!

Giving back is part of our ethos. We give a portion of sales to the Women's Refugee Commission. Yep, 10% of every purchase goes to women refugees who need your support now more than ever before.   Toms and Warby Parker are known for being charitable businesses, but check out these other amazing brands that give back too! They're on my holiday list this year! <br/> 1. Stone & Cloth Coming off of an impressive Kickstarter, Stone a& Cloth is a backpack brand that is locally made and sourced with the individual in mind. Every purchase assures 25 hours of learning in Africa.  2. Sevenly Every week, Sevenly promotes a new cause or charity and designs custom tees to go with...

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These Fashion Companies Prove Being Socially Responsible is Good for Everyone

Why Be Socially Responsible? It's a fantastic question, and actually the title of a blog I really enjoy. The creator, Mary M. Purcell, posts a series of stories, photoseries, and aspirational quotes all focused on issues of social responsibility, one global community, and the common bonds that link us all together!  Mary is totally speaking my language.  This discovery inspired further research in socially responsible companies and their best practices.  What I found is that being socially responsible is actually good for business. In helping others, the planet, or the universe, there were organizations that were thriving by helping others thrive. Specifically in fashion, as we hopefully move away from the fast fashion business model, many companies incorporate socially responsible practices into...

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