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Things Architecture: Villa Estherbee

So you might be asking yourselves- "Where's the architecture?" In the series, Things Architectured, I'll share some previous projects from my time at some fabulous architecture firms. I still work in architecture, but my current projects are top secret (really, I just can't legally show the photos). First up- Villa Estherbee Villa Estherbee is a modern residential project I worked on during my time at Lightroom Studio, a multidisciplnary design firm in the dirty south. The company's aesthetic is modern and elegant so I was thrilled to be a part of the design process. The house is designed around a series of cut-outs that connect spaces, transfer light, and create secret passageways. *architectured: the act of designing something, specifically a...

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Behind the Scenes: Lookbook Photoshoot

Special thanks to photographer James Drakeford and make-up artist MelRo!   Make-up with MelRo Make-up before and after. Model, Mannen. Arriving to the site on a chilly November day. Model, Gabrielle. Toughest models in the biz!  Make-up Close-ups. Models: Mannen, Cortney, & Audra (clockwise). Photo cred: MelRo Photographer and Model, MelRo Photographer and Model, Cortney Shoot almost shut down with a site visit from hot cop. No shenanigans here, Mr. Officer! In the studio with James and Gabrielle And it's a WRAP! Model and designer shot! 

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