Customizable 3D-Printed Ring - Azmara Asefa - 1
Customizable 3D-Printed Ring - Azmara Asefa - 2
Customizable 3D-Printed Ring - Azmara Asefa - 3
Customizable 3D-Printed Ring

Customizable 3D-Printed Ring

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If you can say it in 6 letters/numbers or less, you can customize this minimal 3d-printed ring. Leave a message for yourself. Leave a message for a friend. Leave your initials. Morse-code?


Polished Bronze

Pairs well with leather jackets, wooden rings, and other such bad-assery.


*Images show Size 7 Polished Bronze with the text "AZ".

How It's Made:

A 3D model is created in a CAD software called Rhino 3D. The model is virtually tested for potential failures. It is, then, manually checked for potential failures. Upon passing inspection, a version of the model is 3D-printed in wax. A plaster mold is poured around a wax 3d print of your product, and then Bronze (or Gold or Rhodium) is cast into the plaster mold. It, then, goes through extensive hand polishing to give it a smooth, glossy finish. 

It's made with technology and love just for you!

 successfully funded on kickstarter