The Sack Dress in Silk - Azmara Asefa

The Sack Dress in Silk

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THE SACK DRESS in white silk

The AZMARA ASEFA signature will never disappoint. It can be worn a ba-zillion ways so you can change it up for any occasion. Like when you have to present the cure for whatever caused the world to end -or- if you’re running from the escaped animals from the zoo. Literally, anything.

Content: 100% silk chiffon de chine


Garment Care: Hand wash when needed.

MADE TO ORDER: We believe in not wasting. Many items are made-to-order. That way, no inventory goes to waste. If you order, it can take up to 3 weeks for the item to ship. But, it's definitely worth the wait!

*Model is 5'-6" and wears a Size S/M.

*Video shows wool prototype